So your thinking about taking on a home renovation and don't know where to start…I can help!

How it works....depending on the number of rooms to be addressed, costs vary but for one room, prices ranges between $65-$95, depending on the size of the room, complexity or time spent on the design. I will view the current space, and in addition may want to see a few other rooms in the house just to get a feel for your style, we'll chat about what your vision is, and colours that appeal to you, your wants and needs.

The consult should take less than an hour, I will then take 1-3 days to process my thoughts, and present you with my suggestions & recommendations for layout, materials that are available, skematics when doing major changes ie. moving fixtures etc. color choices, contractors in the area, visuals for the purposes of inspiration , DIY options when possible etc and all this presented in written form in a tangible package. ... and I usually give two options.

All things are considered including budget, your wants, and utilizing the space to its best potential. Once I'm done you will feel more confident on how to proceed with your project…Pretty simple