The Consultation, by Certified Staging Professional!

Every listing starts with a consultation. I will tour your home’s interior and exterior and provide a professional assessment on what is necessary to prepare your property for sale or redesign.

All factors considered include budget, timeframe, resources, competition, and projects with the best return on investment.

Some homeowners choose to complete the recommendations on their own and others may choose to have Salvage and Design complete and manage the workload.

After having your consultation you will know exactly what needs to be completed so that your home shows its best, from repairs, to colors, to furniture placement. The consultation takes approximately 2 hours.

Verbal Consultations start at $99
Occupied Homes - Consultations with written detailed recommendation report (for you to keep) start at $199

*All final quotes are based on square footage and degree of work needing to be executed

Want to do it yourself? Hire Salvage and Design for a Home Improvement Consultation and I will come visit your space and give you customized DIY advice!

Consultations can last up to two hours and once I’m done you will receive a completed handbook stating everything we suggest you do to improve every room in your house including the exterior. This includes painting, repair, how to place furniture and décor suggestions.

Staging isn’t just about a 2-hour consultation. It’s about getting a home ready to sell with the expertise of certified staging consultant. It includes cleaning, de-cluttering, lightening and brightening, repairs, renovations, painting and most importantly, showcasing the home. This is achieved by carefully choosing items that have oomph, creating good flow and demonstrating a lifestyle where buyers can envision themselves living.... in a clean, uncluttered, contemporary space – like a show home. In order to do this you need a plan and this is where consultations are so important.

Once we have gone over my recommendations, the work begins, this includes de-cluttering, pre-packing, painting, and cleaning. Getting the work done listed in the Consultation will ensure that there are no reasons for any potential buyers to negotiate price drops because of issues.

The Work - Starts at $319 for a minimum of 2 people for 4 hours.

  • 80% of home buyers start their search on MLS so it’s crucial that your home shows better than the competition. Guaranteed, the best looking homes on MLS have been staged.
  • Buyers make the decision to buy a home in the first 10-seconds, therefore first impressions mean everything.